Privacy Statement


The privacy of the parties with which we do business is an important aspect for us. We respect their privacy and make maximum efforts to handle information safely. Your data is used solely for the purposes described in this privacy statement.


Processing of personal data

Personal data is data that directly or indirectly says something about a person and can therefore identify a person. The processing of this data can involve different activities: gathering, saving, using, editing, enrichment, propagation or erasure of the data.


We process personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Recruitment and selection of candidates for unfilled vacancies
  2. Entering into or maintaining a business relationship


The basis for this processing is the recruitment of potential employees for the organisation.


We can process the following personal data for the above purposes:

  1. Name and gender
  2. Address details
  3. Telephone and/or e-mail details
  4. Position
  5. Previous work experience
  6. Salary data
  7. CV
  8. References
  9. E-mail communications


Retention periods

We do not keep data for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which the data is gathered or in order to comply with statutory obligations. We will not keep the data for more than one year after the last contact.


Data protection

The security of personal data is a crucial aspect of the processing of the data. We ensure that the correct technical and organisational measures are taken to be able to guarantee such security. Our information security programme is certified in accordance with the ISO 27001:2013 standard. The Agile Governance team works continually on the development, implementation and maintenance of the information security programme. In this way, we ensure that technical and organisational measures, in view of the state of the art and the costs involved, are consistent with the nature of the data to be processed and that the data is protected against loss, unauthorised access, damage or any form of unlawful processing. We also ensure the availability of the data in this way.



Rights of the data subject

We respect the rights of all parties with which we collaborate and will handle requests concerning rights of access, correction, deletion, restriction of processing and transfer meticulously. If you wish to make use of one or more of these rights, you can submit a request to our Agile Governance team via In order to ensure that the request is from the person concerned, we do always ask for a copy of an identity document to be attached. Please make the passport photograph, passport number and Citizen Service Number (BSN) unidentifiable. This is to protect your own privacy.


If we process the data on the basis of consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. If you wish to withdraw your consent, you can do so by sending a request for this to


Sharing of data with third parties

We will not share data with third parties without your consent unless we are required to do so to comply with statutory obligations. If we share your data, we will do this only with companies that pursue the same information security principles as we do ourselves. In this way, we can guarantee that the data is shared in a secure and responsible manner.


We will send data to companies outside the EU only if the company concerned offers an appropriate level of security or if the party works under the Standard Clauses Agreement.


Questions or complaints

If you have any questions concerning the way in which we process the data, or a complaint that we have not done this correctly, please contact our Agile Governance team via


We have the right to unilaterally change or make additions to this privacy statement from time to time. If this happens, we will notify you via our website.


26 June 2019