Free Mini Training: DevOps for Product Owners

*Note: the 1-hour mini training will be provided in English

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Thursday | 3rd of March 2022 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CET)


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Register for this Mini training for free!

About DevOps for Product Owners

During this 1-hour DevOps mini training, participants will learn how to steer on the improvement of the team’s technical capabilities needed for DevOps.

It focuses on the DevOps principles, capabilities, culture, and the approach for successfully implementing DevOps improvements. You will also learn about the concrete DevOps content and the technologies used in DevOps and how to apply them in your teams for improved performance of the team.

Why should you attend this mini training?

Why follow standard e-learning courses, when you can get answers on the spot! for free!

Don’t waste time on solving how to apply the DevOps puzzle! during this session, we will help you put the theory into practice, straight away!

With the trainer’s help you’ll be able to apply practices immediately and speed up your time to learn.

In contrast to many e-learnings, our training provides you with a personal piece of advice on the basis of your own challenges regarding DevOps. During the session, we will give you practical tools so that you can get started immediately in your current work environment! Come to this valuable hour with your biggest problems so that we can tackle them together.

What you can expect

This free mini-course is a kick-starter for finding solutions as:

  • Increasing trust in teams
  • Dealing with dependencies
  • Including the end user
  • Knowing how DevOps helps to accelerate innovation
  • Understanding how to enable teams to deliver more value, faster

Target audience:

The target audience for this course consists of Product Owners and Product Managers working with DevOps who want to know how they can Accelerate Innovation and Value Delivery.



“Nice to listen to and a nice interactive setting”

Daan Bakker
Product Owner

Sign up for the Mini Training right now! The DevOps for Product Owners course is carefully designed to help you understand the principles, practices, tools, and techniques that are essential for any organization to get started with and mature organically in DevOps.

This 1-hour mini-training is designed to be highly interactive, and hands-on by DevOps veterans that bring their lessons working from the trenches.

Key takeaways

The learning objectives for this mini training: DevOps for Product Owners, will include:

  • Best practices for working with DevOps
  • An approach to become a DevOps team.
  • Ability to envision a DevOps program at scale and the organization by leading this change.
  • Learn the essential skills to apply the DevOps culture within your team.

About all trainers

Markus van Duijn

Markus van Duijn is a DevOps coach with many technical skills. He is versatile, analytical, and eager to learn. He loves a challenge and helps others to bring out the best in themselves. He believes inspiring is done by setting the correct example.

Wiebe Wiersema

Wiebe is enthusiastic and passionate about putting a smile on the face of the engineers by reducing the waste in the IT Processes and dramatically improving the output of the (IT) Value Streams. He likes to build a motivated team, that is able to do the system integration, scripting, and configuring necessary for a fully automated frictionless CI/CD pipeline.

Phani Bhushan

Phani works as a Technical Consultant and a Institute trainer at DevOn, helping organizations to make the transition to the Agile way of working.

Dr. Fangbin Liu

Dr. Fangbin has about 10 years’ experience in the InfoSec industry, serving in various Information Security roles. Through these roles, Fangbin obtained thorough knowledge of both managing information security in a systematic and efficient way and the embedding of Information Security into multiple types of business processes.

About the Mini training