AWS Security Specialty Exam prep

This course is specially designed for the aspirants who intend to achieve the AWS Certified Security Specialty 2020 certification and as well for those who want to master the AWS Security.

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  • DevSecOps Engineer
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Short summary

Throughout the course, we look into various Real World scenario and look into why do website gets hacked, what could have been done to prevent it and learn the best practices related to Security for your AWS environment.

Our Trainer


Jeff van Eek
Cloud (AWS) & DevOps Consultant

Jeff van Eek is a seasoned IT professional with more than three decades experience in IT operations, security, architecture and large scale transformations. Through his experience at large and small organizations, he has participated in the early adoption and evolution of technologies and practices such as DevOps, CI/CD and Automation in traditional as well as public cloud environments.

Course objectives

The learning objectives for AWS Security Specialty Exam prep. include an understanding of:

  • Will be able to detect attacks and protect the AWS infrastructure from Hackers
  • Will be prepared to give AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam
  • Gain deep insights about Enterprise grade Security implementation
  • You will be able to Master the Security aspect of AWS

Course topics

  • Basics of AWS
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate or Equivalent Knowledge
    Course Objectives:

    • Attain intermediate-level knowledge of the inbuilt security controls and security products provided by AWS
    • Deep dive into Identity and Access Management System provided by AWS
    • Configuring AWS security policies
    • Incident Response and troubleshooting
    • Securing AWS services and using AWS security products

Target audience

  • Those interested in gaining the AWS Security Specialty Certification
  • Those who want to gain deep security insights related to AWS

Top reviews of our trainings

  • Interactive and focused

    Florin Bizga DevOps Foundation
  • Its a combo of high over and technical

    Jasper Bos Masterclass Dave Farley
  • Top: All about leadership + exercises

    Linda Kuipers / IT Resource Manager at RDC inMotiv Masterclass Leading a DevOps Transformation
  • Discussions were amazing

    Vytems DevOps Foundation
  • Good explanation, easy talker

    Jeffrey van der Linden / DevOps Security Engineer bij CALVI Kubernetes & Continuous Delivery
  • Nice with a practical example of Transavia!

    Wiebe Wiersma / Product Owner Continuous Delivery Masterclass Leading a DevOps Transformation

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What’s next for me?

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What if not enough people have signed up for the course?

Two weeks before each training, we will check if we have enough participants for the training course to be valuable and continue. If this is not the case, we will inform you by e-mail, with options for a new date and location. After this notification, you will have the right to cancel or change your registration within 5 working days.

How can I pay?

On the website you can choose to pay via iDeal, creditcard or by invoice with a payment period of 30 days.

Which languages do you offer your courses in?

Most of our courses are available in both English and Dutch. We have a selection of training courses which are only available in English, which will be on that training page. Our rule of thumb for courses in the Netherlands is – the course is in English unless everybody speaks Dutch, then the course is in Dutch. If you want to be sure you are in a Dutch course, please get in touch with in case the information on a specific date is not available on the course page.

What do the costs include?

Unless mentioned otherwise, the course fee includes the cost of training material, exam cost, the use of the location, catering and parking.

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When you click on the orange arrow, the menu will unfold further. More locations and dates might appear.

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What language is the course material in?

All course material for the open registrations is in English.

When will I receive my exam code?

If you are doing the PSD ( or one of the certified DevOps Institute trainings, you will receive your exam code on the final day of the training.

What is your payment term?

We have a payment term of up to 30 days

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