CI/CD and DevOps Fundamentals

The CI/CD and DevOps Fundamentals course is designed to allow you to know all about the latest in the Continuous Delivery methodology to automate your software development lifecycle.

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Short summary

You will learn about the basics that are involved and terms such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery,  Infrastructure as Code and Continuous Monitoring.

Our Trainer


Markus van Duijn
Lead consultant | author

Markus van Duijn is a DevOps coach with many technical skills. He is versatile, analytical, and eager to learn. He loves a challenge and helps others to bring out the best in themselves. He believes inspiring is done by setting the correct example.

Course objectives

After the course, participants will:

  • Know all basic terminology concerning Continuous Delivery
  • Understand the benefits of automation and Continuous Delivery
  • Understand the differences between CI, CD and CD.
  • Be able to apply automation practices to their software delivery process, to move towards Continuous Delivery
  • Have a clear view of where to start
  • Know how Continuous Delivery and DevOps make Digital Disruption possible
  • Have a first step to get to technical excellence, making digital transformation possible

Course topics

  • Exploring DevOps
  • Core DevOps principles
  • Key DevOps practices
  • Business and technology frameworks
  • Culture, behaviors & operating models
  • Automation & architecting DevOps toolchains
  • Measurement, metrics and reporting
  • Sharing, shadowing and evolving

Target audience

The target audience for the DevOps Foundation course include management, operations, developers, QA and testing professionals, such as:

  • Individuals involved in IT development, IT operations or IT service management
  • Individuals who require an understanding of DevOps principles
  • IT professionals working within, or about to enter, an Agile Service Design Environment
  • The following IT roles: Automation Architects, Application Developers, Business Analysts, Business Managers, Business Stakeholders, Change Agents, Consultants, DevOps Consultants, DevOps Engineers, Infrastructure Architects, Integration Specialists, IT Directors, IT Managers, IT Operations, IT Team Leaders, Lean Coaches, Network Administrators, Operations Managers, Project Managers, Release Engineers, Software Developers, Software Testers/QA, System Administrators, Systems Engineers, System Integrators, Tool Providers


Successfully passing (65%) the 60-minute examination, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to the DevOps Foundation Certificate. The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps Institute.

Target audience

This training is aimed at a general audience: developers, testers, system administrators, and managers. There is no coding involved.


  • Good variety of theory and assignments

    Paul vd Berg / IT Area Lead Continuous Delivery and IT4IT at ING DevOps Foundation
  • The trainer is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and can explain everything

    Joyce Blaas-Franken / Agile Coach at Prowareness DevOps Foundation
  • Enthusiastic and flexible

    Henri Dijk / Agile Coach at Centric DevOps Foundation
  • Extra topics, extra trainers

    Henri Dijk / Agile Coach, Trainer at Centric DevOps Foundation
  • Content

    Mitchel Hakvoort / Agile Coach at Prowareness DevOps Foundation
  • It gave me the insight I needed

    Sven de Koning / Scrum Master / Agile Coach at N.V. Juva DevOps Foundation
  • The discussions were amazing!

    Vytenis Tomkevicius / DevOps and Cloud Engineer at Centric DevOps Foundation
  • Group discussion settings, nice way (virtual)

    Jeroen van Hees / ScrumMaster & Coach | ProductOwner at Greenchoice DevOps Foundation
  • Good information structure

    Tirhovahu Ahisoara DevOps Foundation

Training dates

Payment methods

Need help?

Please contact us via email or call us by the number stated below. We are more than happy to help you.

+31 (0)15 - 241 19 00

What’s next for me?

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1-day training


What if I book a date, but then have to reschedule?

After your registration has been confirmed, you are still able to change the date up to 20 days before the first day of the training. You are able to do this once. Please send your request to or call +31(0)15-24 11 900 for further assistance.

What if not enough people have signed up for the course?

Two weeks before each training, we will check if we have enough participants for the training course to be valuable and continue. If this is not the case, we will inform you by e-mail, with options for a new date and location. After this notification, you will have the right to cancel or change your registration within 5 working days.

How can I pay?

On the website you can choose to pay via iDeal, creditcard or by invoice with a payment period of 30 days.

Which languages do you offer your courses in?

Most of our courses are available in both English and Dutch. We have a selection of training courses which are only available in English, which will be on that training page. Our rule of thumb for courses in the Netherlands is – the course is in English unless everybody speaks Dutch, then the course is in Dutch. If you want to be sure you are in a Dutch course, please get in touch with in case the information on a specific date is not available on the course page.

What do the costs include?

Unless mentioned otherwise, the course fee includes the cost of training material, exam cost, the use of the location, catering and parking.

Only one or two locations are visible. How is that possible?

When you click on the orange arrow, the menu will unfold further. More locations and dates might appear.

Is VAT included in the prices shown?

The costs that apply to our programs initiated from the Netherlands are exempt from sales tax as per Article 11-1-o of the 1968 Sales Tax Act. In other locations/countries, the prices shown are excluding VAT, which will be added.

Can I still register for the training?

Is the ‘register’ headline visible? This means you can register and attend the training. Does the headline say ‘full’? Give us a call and we’ll try and help you out!

What language is the course material in?

All course material for the open registrations is in English.

When will I receive my exam code?

If you are doing the PSD ( or one of the certified DevOps Institute trainings, you will receive your exam code on the final day of the training.

What is your payment term?

We have a payment term of up to 30 days

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