Test Automation Fundamentals

Nowadays, Agile methods are broadly introduced in organizations. In the first wave this normally means new ways of working; e.g. using Scrum or Kanban. In the second wave, however, most efforts are invested in automation. This automation, or ‘Continuous Delivery’, means being ready to deploy to production as soon as possible. To get to this point, all manual steps need to be fully automated.

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Short summary

However, when implementing Continuous Delivery in practice, the first major impediment is often a total lack of Test Automation, which is crucial because automated deployment requires that a system is tested. As the Agile way of working uses short iterations, testing the same thing over and over manually becomes too expensive, if feasible at all.
During the Test automation fundamentals course, you will experience learning by doing, or ‘experiential learning’ over the course of three weeks to get the hang of test automation. During the interactive gatherings, you will learn new concepts and technological solutions for test automation, while learning individually between gatherings.

Our Trainer


Kevin Boots
DevOps Consultant

Kevin is an energetic tech- & teamlead all about making two things happen: Make it work, and make it work better with a smile.

His specialty lies in automation, scripting, collaboration tooling, leadership, and process improvement, with a specific passion for anything DevOps & CI/CD. Other than that, he aims at enabling teams to go from 0 to 120 using every tool at their disposal.


Course objectives

The course objectives for the test automation fundamentals course include a practical understanding of:

  • What is test automation?
  • What is Unit Testing?
  • Different types of tests and when to use them.
  • How to automate tests in Visual Studio?
  • What are BDD and TDD?
  • How do I write scenarios which are accessible for everyone and help for automating tests?
Site Reliability​ Engineer​

Course topics

  • Testing and test automation in general
  • Unit Testing
  • Automating tests yourself with C# (possibly Ruby, Python, Javascript) in Visual Studio Code
  • Test Driven Development
  • Behavior Driven Development (Gherkin & Cucumber)

Target audience

  • The target audience for the Test automation fundamentals course is everyone who can and wants to do more with test automation, such as developers and testers. Some experience with scripting is needed and ideally you are familiar with C#. Moreover, you need a laptop with a browser (Chrome or Firefox), on which you have installed Visual Studio Code.

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  • Nice variety of subjects

    Iris Bakker / Business Manager at Nationale-Nederlanden Masterclass Leading a DevOps Transformation
  • Its a combo of high over and technical

    Jasper Bos Masterclass Dave Farley
  • The trainer is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and can explain everything

    Joyce Blaas-Franken / Agile Coach at Prowareness DevOps Foundation
  • Location, variety, inspiration

    Saskia Klever / manager IT infrastructure & operations - Arval European Masterclass Leading a DevOps Transformation
  • Top: His extended knowledge

    Marco Vonk / Senior Applicatiebeheerder at Klaverblad Verzekeringen Masterclass Dave Farley
  • Structure of the seminar was on point

    Grote Manfeld DevOps Foundation

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